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110-240V~1.5A (50/60Hz)
Smart martial arts machine CHAMPIO TRILUC MASTER

Champio Tri Luc Master is the first product in the world, a leading product in the field of application of leading modern technologies such as AI, cloud computing … in the field of martial arts.

Champio Tri Luc Master is proud to be born from a collective of talented engineers and world-class martial artists. Tri Luc Master is the product of “Vietnamese people, Vietnamese strength and Vietnamese wisdom”.

Champio Tri Luc Master is proud to be researched and developed by a group of talented engineers and world-class martial artists. Champio Tri Luc Master is a product entirely “of Vietnamese people, Vietnamese strength and Vietnamese wisdom.

With Champio Tri Luc Master, Viet Technology Co., Ltd. has created a smart martial arts product with completely new features, giving practitioners more effective training tools to improve their physical health, improving their achievements in martial arts practice and training; enhancing the martial spirit while affirming the creative capacity of Vietnamese people as well as introducing Vietnamese martial arts to the world.

Champio Tri Luc Master is pleased to be accompanied by boxer Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat as the Brand Ambassador of Tri Luc Master. Boxer Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat is known as “The Loner Who Seeks Defeat” in the Vietnamese martial arts world, with 7 times world champion of World Muay Thai Federation (WMF) tournaments, 31st Seagame champion in Vietnam Nam, the winner of the MMA Lion Championship Vietnam…, someone who is always passionate about martial arts and wants to introduce Vietnamese martial arts and culture to the world.

We hope this collaboration will bring Champio Tri Luc Master products closer to the martial arts community, martial arts lovers in Vietnam as well as in the world.


Champio Tri Luc Master offers a variety of training modes for practitioners:

Free exercise

Reflex exercises

Music exercises

Exercises according to the curriculum

Track your workout stats:

The training parameters are recorded during and after each exercise to help the practitioner track their progress after each training session.

Summary: Strength, reflexes, endurance, calories…

Training results by exercise

Training results over time

Training results of the moves: Arms, legs, left, right…

Set and track goals:

The feature of setting goals over time with various parameters helps practitioners plan their own training goals. Settings include:

Number of hits

Number of calories consumed


Note: Should set goals suitable for the fitness of the practitioner

AI interacts with users:

Greetings to the practitioner

Praise while practicing

Review the training process

AI intelligence:

Suggestions for training goals

Record a personal record

Recommend suitable exercises

Various challenges:

Exercises to record relevant parameters:





Challenging opponents:

Send a challenge to users participating in the system

Join the challenge to get a badge

Increase your rank when you win the challenge

Online/offline trainer:

Create lessons easily with the App on your phone

Guiding and assigning practice lesson plans to students

Monitor the progress and training parameters of students

Easily detect technical and physical strengths and weaknesses to increase training effectiveness

Manage lessons, training programs

Classroom Management

Student Management


Sharing feature:

Help trainees share exercise results with photos and clips on social networking platforms


Seri no.  : _________

Dimension: 400(L)x400(W)x585(H)mm



No.431, Kim Nguu Street, Vinh Tuy Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, HaNoi City, VietNam

Hotline: 096 127 8888

Email  : trilucmaster@vtechco.com

Website: champiotrilucmaster.com